About Christopher

Christopher Giuffre is active in the Real estate business has been involved in the Real estate field and industry since 1996 in both the United States and Canada. His involvement was first as a contractor, building pre-engineered industrial and commercial buildings, then progressed into land acquisition and ultimately residential Real Estate and luxury homes.

Mr. Giuffre has had the typical entrepreneurial life with its highs and temporary lows which led him to develop a long term Real Estate investment program for himself and his family and allowed him to buy and hold hundreds of properties. He expanded his system and his network to include other likeminded individuals and he began to teach others how to maximize their real estate holding as how to build and accumulate significant wealth through real estate.

Building off of his formal education and training of Economics, Accounting and Financial Planning, in 2002, Christopher established an education company called MBN (Millionaire Builders Network). MBN was predicated on the mission to take an average American household earning collectively $60,000 (total household income) or more and to create a household net worth of a million dollars inside of 10 years provided they follow his specific system. Well, the membership grew and MBN went on to create tremendous net worth for its clients as well as helped to build strong passive income and retirement plans using real estate as one of the principal tools used in achieving that aim.

Christopher wrote and delivered dozens of courses on Real estate and Real Estate Investment through speaking engagements, seminars and tours and delivered much need information and education to average folks who had the desire but were struggling to get ahead. He discovered, however, that education alone was not enough to ensure people’s success. It was one thing for people to understand a concept and quite another for them to put it into practice. Christopher realized that he needed boots on the ground assisting clients and students day in and day out to help make their successes a reality.
In 2002, Christopher established a series of companies in the field of Real estate brokerage, finance and mortgage, credit repair and property management which are all essential services to assist his clients. The first of the companies was the Real Estate Brokerage which in Canada was called Sutton Group and here in the United States, MBN Realty Professionals. Today this brokerage is head quartered on the Gulf coast of Florida. The second firm established by Mr. Giuffre was MBN Mortgage Inc., which remains today as one of the most progressive and innovative mortgage brokerages in Florida. MBN Mortgage Inc. was designed to shop for the best lenders in the country and create a brokerage relationship with them so that it could offer these loans to the general public so that all of his customers and clients would have an easier time accessing mortgage funds which are used in 85% of all Real Estate transactions.

Christopher recognized that one of the largest obstacles in the success of the average American family was in trying to solve the Credit dilemma. Most folks in Middle America have run into challenges at one time or another with their credit, especially entrepreneurs and winning the credit game has been onerous at best. Credit is like a “catch 22”, meaning that we need good credit to acquire leverage and assets and you need to have acquired assets in order to have good credit and so forth. The moment we use our credit the more likely our score will go down. Christopher became a credit expert in how to fix and boost his clients credit and in 2016 established C3 ( Credit Council Corporation) to provide council and advice to those customers who needed to boost and repair credit issues from the past so that they could move forward with their wealth acquisition plans.

Christopher Giuffre has been involved in well over 6500 real estate and mortgage transactions. He has taught hundreds of agents and thousands of customers the nuances and finer points of Real Estate and investing. Christopher remains active in the market today and continues to teach and provide brilliant and comprehensive real estate services to his client base with the hope that he will touch over a 100,000 lives before his career sets.

Christopher has assembled an extremely talented Real estate team to assist him in providing world class service to his clients and customers alike. When you hire Christopher to look after your real estate you are getting an army of dedicated professional people who’s main mission is to ensure your transaction goes smoothly. Christopher and his team make a difference to peoples lives everyday!